While these aren’t ALL my words, i took a poem that was at the begining of a fic and edtied, so i’m disclaiming…



I’d like to believe…

That everyone is the same.

That no one goes to bed hungry at night.

That everyone does have a conscious and knows right from wrong.

That time doesn’t rob people of their memories.

That death and fear do not exist.

I need to believe…

That love does exist in the world.

That all children are happy and safe.

That people can see past the colors and hatred.

That kindness isn’t just a phantom.

That hope isn’t just a word.

I want to believe…

That I can open my heart.

That romance does exist and I know how to see it.

That I can survive through the haze of every stress filled day.

That someone doesn’t just see what’s in my mind.

That I know what I want to say.

I’d like…I need…I want…

How often do we say these words when it counts the most?

How often do thoes we say these words to really understand?