Hey everyone, Happy Turkey Day, or if turkey isn’t your thang, have a great dinner whatever you happen to be sharing. Mary sent me a link this morning, well, afternoon, when I finally decided to crawl out of bed and actually do something with my day, beSides playing computer games.


Anyway, besides the point. The link took me to a number of pages with photos on it, and well, here’s what she had to say about it:


Mary: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article2604.htm

Mary: absolutely disgusting

Chloe: it war hun

Chloe: war is disgusting.


The link takes you to about nine pages of photos of “OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM”, in otherwords, the results of the US’s war on Iraq. Now, I’m sure we ALL have seen enough pictures to last us all a lifetime, but maybe another reminder would do us all go.


War is not pretty, it is not nice and it definatly is not peaceful, nor is it meant to be shown in any form but it’s cold, hard, ugly, disgusting truth. We in north america, and most espically in Canada, for all our problems, and yes we do have them, but we’re so very lucky, and I think we all need a healthy reminder of this every once in a while, I know I do.


It’s true that we never see the truth on Tv, or even in the papers, not really. It’s filtered first through political agenda’s, then through social agenda, and then once again through political thoughs of the paper’s editors and more importantly, editiors. If you can stomach to look at these pictures, do, because while they may not change your life, they may make you more aware of exactly how Little we really all know about what went on over there. And no matter how many times the US says they only targeted known terrorists sites, it sickens me to see the american’s complaining about a few thousand deaths, when I don’t think we will ever Truly know the real loss the Iraqies have suffered…War doesn’t just stop with the soldiers. When you see pictures of children lying in hospital beds, with missing limbs, their faces swollen and dried blood still caked to their faces, you have to know something is deadly wrong with the world.


A few nights ago, I was hanging out in my R.A.’s room. Now, she’s in international development. And something that one of her friends said that night really makes sense. International Development, for thoes of you that don’t know, is the study of how the world works, with the ultimate goal of being able to help ALL countries work towards a healthier future. What one of her fellow ID students said was that no one, unless they have LIVED that life from the beginning, has the right to tell anyone else what is right or wrong. An American soldier does not have the right to go into any country and open fire, because they have never been there to live the life under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, nevermind ever having lived under a dictator in the first place! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel that what Saddam Hussein believed is the humane thing to believe, but if I really want to put myself out there, whether it’s the Koran or the Bible, I don’t think either one of the damn books are really humane either. But that’s the funny thing. What *I* think is appropriate or not for anyone else But myself doesn’t matter a rat’s ass, because only I can say what’s right or not. And yes, this can open an entire can of worms relating to the justice system, but i’ll save that for another day.


The point is, give thanks. Thank your friends, your parents, your community, your church, your god(s), thank whomever, whatever you can think to thank that you are alive this year, that you have a roof over your head, that you have Good food on the table, that you have been blessed in whatever form you believe blessings come, becuase we are so very lucky to even be alive.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.