It has occured to me, that with the exception of Mary, and Greg, I’ve yet to talk to anyone of ya’ll to say that I’m actually alive and kicking.


So here I am. Alive and well in Guelph and having the time of my freakin’ life. Most of the time at least. Been fighting cramps for the last two days but I think that time’s coming to a close (thank fucking GOD) so it’ll be all nice. Or it will be when It’s finally gone completly. Anyway. So the whole co-ed dorm thing really isn’t that bad, it’s just a little different. Ok, so that’s an understatement, but what ever. It’s amusing to walk back from a shower in just a towel and not even blink if you run into a guy from down the hall. It’s just like “Hi, how are you….” Is this really how it’s supposed to work?


The R.A.’s are really cool here, esp the one on this floor (1st of 4). She’s all about “I don’t care what’s in the glass, I won’t ask, but can you just take it back inside your room please?”. Actually, most of them are like that. It was pretty ‘dry’ over the sun and mon b/c of the long weekend, but yesterday/last night? whooooooboy. Seemed like Half the campus were in and out of the first two floors of this place. And this residence is NOT a big place…and that mere fact might be exactly WHY it was so crowded.


Oh, Birdys? Guess what our residence mascot is? Yup, a pheniox. Guess what we don’t have? Yup, we don’t actually have either a sign OR a mascot costume. WHY am i playing these guessing games? Cuz guess what I designed (attempted to at least) and said I’d make if the council can get me the money?


Oh yeah. Cuz that’s just me right? *le sigh*

I’m actually off to the mall just down the way to see what kind of fabric i can get at Fabricland…gonna make up a real proposal and everything. Cuz I don’t have enough to do at the moment. That’s one thing. Frosh week, while it’s got Some fun things, really isn’t impressing me all that much. Except for the random wanderings and talking to very random people that I’ve been heavily involved in the past few days. But as ya’ll know, that’s the kind of thing i do the best/have the most fun in doing…



This was my “extended” horoscope for today. Thought it was actually very true for once. But maybe i’m wrong? Whatcha’ll think?


Did you ever think of yourself as a people collector? Maybe you should, because you have quite the assortment. The way they come to you, it’s almost as if you’re in charge of the membership drive for some club or organization. The old ways of looking at things no longer applies when categories are drawn along new lines. This reclassification takes some getting used to, but you’re up for the challenge. As you reinvent the wheel, why not reinvent yourself in the process? Everyone is so accepting these days — even the people who’ve known you forever.