Chapter 1: The Sun – Your Ego Structure




You are a humanitarian and an individualist. Your methodology in life tends to be unconventional and detached but you have good organizing skills. You know how to integrate several points of view and perspectives. You are a good coordinator, able to handle people and complex scheduling tasks. You have an overview, an intellectual synthesis of circumstances which doesn’t lose track of priorities and first principles. You seek the truth in any situation, but it sometimes eludes you; the truth is often found in more emotional channels than the ones on which you automatically focus. If your life is to have depth, You will need to develop both your practical skills an well as your emotional skills.




You are an original thinker. You move into an abstract realm with the ease of a pioneer walking over well-worn trails. Although your outlook is comprehensive, you need to be sure that you don’t lose sight of the verifiable and the empirical. You have a clever manner of expression that can captivate others but you are attached to accuracy and this need can give your expression a certain weighty, stilted characteristic. You adjust to circumstances in an asynchronous way. Even you don’t know how you will respond to change; you realize this, but don’t see it as a problem. Although your thinking is spontaneous and creative it is more fixed and stubborn than you or others recognize. Having an open mind is an important value for you. You feel that to keep your options open for change only makes sense and to do differently would be to miss something important.




Well, for something created online, I don’t know about anyone else, but it certainly reminds me of me…