I was just looking at Avie’s “important date list” and it inspired me to do a sort of “Important things to figure out very soon” list. Don’t ask. Brain very strange.




The most important thing, is definatly figure out how to pay for university. Why am I asking this question the week that my tuition is coming due?

Because my father is threatening to NOT pay the 5600 some amount, until I apologise to his satisfaction. ANd we all *KNOW* that one ain’t happening. So this is a bit of a problem. And he’s also being very immature about this, but then again, he’s been immature since day one and we’ll just not go there, because this post will turn into a novel if we do.


Next, Figuring out how to move myself into Guelph, assuming i’ve figured out a way to pay to get in. I’ve been in contact iwth my mom and for once we aren’t arguing. She wants to come home, I want to do this by myself. I’ve already decided that the less I take with me for the first few weeks, the better. Just clothes, the laptop and shower stuff. And whatever money I have in the bank me thinks. This should be reaaaal fun, an adventure, no?

Part of my desire to move in without my mother coming home stems from the accusation my father made against me that I have no life skills. I might not be the best iwth money management, but I know how to cook pretty well, clean, do laundry, etc. Thoes are pretty damn useful life skills. Then there are the skills that Susan and I were discussing last night, such as, Knowing how to take an emergency backstage and work through it or fix it on the spot (hey mary, remember the classics costume fiascos? Thank GOD for the hairdryer….it is your FRIEND!!), and then the stranger skills of knowing how to jump start a car battery, how to properly put on a shoulder holster (not to mention to be able to fire said gun with some accuracy). You know, all the important things. Can’t survive, eh dad? You do not know how wronge you are.


One thing I do wish I could figure out is how exactly I can make my dad pay through his teeth for the way he’s been treating me. Yes, some of it is my own doing, but i do NOT take kindly to people attempting to tell me to clean up *MY* house, room or whatever. Sorry, *I* am the one who has to live in the mess, you don’t like it, stay out. When I get frustrated enough, I clean up. End of story. Oh, and a word to the wise to everyone out there. NEVER, EVER, EVER tell me I can not do something. Because trust me, if it means pushing myself through pain, torture, impossibilites, even death, i WILL achieve whatever it is that you say I can’t. You have been warned.