Alright Girls, here’s the scoop.


This has been bouncing around in my head for a little while, and I’m just gonna go with it.


It’s looking like my mom will probably be staying out in ‘Toon until I’m already away at uni, so this leaves me iwth a free house. I’m wondering who might be interested in doing a girls night only type of thing, but a little more formal with a dinner party almost theme?


In other words, good food, good company. If this goes ahead, I’m looking to do this the weekend of the 23-24. It’s actually the only weekend I have free. Sooooo….

Anyone interested?


Gimme a message here, an email, a shout in IM form or even, *gasp* a phonecall if you’re interested.


I’d kinda ask that everyone bring Something, but we can worry about who brings what later….


Anyway…please? I really wanna do this…