It occurs to me, looking at my page, that I will soo have to be finding a replacement for my TR:tCoL countdown, as the movie arrives on Friday…This poses a problem, as there isn’t really another movie which I am counting down the days until, except for Reveloutions, and I think I’ll wait until I can find a picture I really like for that one to begin the countdown to Nove…17th or 7th. Can’t remember what it is at the moment.


On the topic of that, I saw a really cool Reloaded poster on the weekend, w/ Neo, Trinty and Morpheus, but it was 12.99 and dad wasn’t in the mood for bargaining. What I want to know, is this the common pricing for posters? Not haven’t purchased many in my time, it seems a little…high for a piece of paper with lots of, well, not really THAT many colours were in the Matrix one, mostly greens and black, and not even a glossy finish…Is this the norm? Cuz if it is, my walls in my dorm room are going to be very bare for a very long time…there’s no way I can afford things like that!


Things are simply too expensive.


Down with high prices and high taxes!!