Wow. So I’m thinking, moving out to BC would be really weird. But I’m actually seriously considering. Let’s face it. I am NOT going to be happy in a small town. Maybe for a little while, but for the three or four years I’m going to be stuck in the equivilant of a small town anyway??


Who the hell was I trying to convince….well, me, mainly…Unfortunatly, I don’t really think I did that good a job if I’m already thinking ahead as to how the hell to get out of it. Oh my head hurts just thinking about it.


Point is, me thinkest I need to REALLY change and break away. Which is just going to cause SO many problems, I can already see it. Oh well. I love making things hard for myself, as ya’ll know…


Looking at Simon Fraiser tomorrow. REALLY need to figure out how the heck I’m gonna get a look at UoA. There’s no way I’m gonna accept to somewhere without even looking at it. Bad all the way around. Gah. Why why why must I do this to my self? Oh that’s right, because I won’t be happy any other way.


Someone shoot me, please.



On the side, another funny story. We were driving from the university to downtown and we noticed that the traffic was stopping – that’s something they do here, stop to let anyone who wants to cross the street cross, no matter if they should be crossing there or not. Anyway, we slow down to a stop accordingly, and who should walk across infront of the car?


A Black Lab.


He (or she, I couldn’t tell) was walking quite calmly across the middle of the road, and once it had reached the other side, quite calmly walked up the middle of that road! I mean honestly!! You gotta love it!!