Ohmyfreakin’god, UBC is HUGE. And this spacebar that i’m using is worth shit. Anyway. For thoes of you who have never been out to this particular end of the country, or have and just haven’t been to the campus, the actual camups is about the size of UoT. But that plus the endowment lands…it’s like the size of downtown toronto. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaguration….but the point is it’s fricken huge.


Anyway, we’re actually staying on the campus at the moment, in one of the resediences….which I totally don’t understand how the heck our room can be a dorm room, because the way it’s currently set up, there ain’t desk in sight…but who knows, maybe it changes during semister??


Had a call from mom on….Monday night i think it was, saying i’d gotten a huge package from Guelph, all for billings and stuff…but nowhere in there that *she* could find, was there any information about what Residence I was in. SO. Either it’llcome in the next few days/next week, or I’ll be getting on the phone with them monday morning on the 14th and saying what the HELL is going on here?!


On a lighter note. Most of you know the numerous problems I’ve been having with my laptop. I got on the phone with them fri night before I left and caused….such an uproar, that I can now phone them while I’m here and have them come and replace my LCD screen….while i’m in BC! Gotta love being a bitch!!


Might also help that when I said I was going out of province for a trip, the guy helping me took that to mean a *business* trip…like I was going to correct him!!!


Anyway, weather’s been kinda partially cloudy, and it’s much cooler out here than it is in Toronto….And did you know that they didn’t have ANY fireworks last night?! It was crazy!!! But maybe there’ll be some tonight now that the decision has been made to have the olymics here in 2010!!



Anyway, i’m reachable via cell and or text messaging….and trust me, my father and three of his friends use that alllllll the time….instead of calling, because calling means you pay a long distance charge….and apparently,tm doesn’t. Or it does and they just aren’t caring. So gimme a shout if you need to/are bored!!!



Kiss kiss!!