Right. So.


Can I just say how frustrating it can be trying to track down online names? Take for instance “birdy”. Couldn’t figure out who the HECK it could possibly be until I sat and thought about it for about ten minutes straight. (Didn’t help that Ivan and Mary had already signed offline…) I mean Honestly. Shouldn’t be that hard to really remember who’s who, right?


Appearances can be deciving it would appear.


Ah well, all names tracked down and links added now. Life is back to approaching normal.


Yeah, right.




Went to see the Italian Job today. Reasoning for the movie title was cheesy, and to be Perfectly honest, not entirely…oh what’s the damn word? Ever just completly blank out, when you KNOW you know the word, but you just can’t think of it? Happening right now…thinkthinkthinkthink…AH! Applicable.


I Guess an argument could be made for it, now that i stop to think about it…but that would mean me having to say I was wrong. And that’d never happen sooo….
Anyway, saw said movie with Aves. Mucho fun and see? Second times the charm. I did get the dvd back to you before bro came home. Oh, and Swaz before you ask, I actually did have it with me at graduation, I just didn’t think of it until I was about 10 mins from home, when I shouted “OH SHIT!” and therefore, got yelled at by my dad. Lovely stuff that…
Hmm..what else…OH! Discovered the sunroof in Aves 4×4…I love thoes things…and had much fun with the ‘push a button and the seat/window/sunroof moves in a certain way’ part of the drive to the movies. Returned to Aves house afterwards and spent some time amusing her and talking about her first year at uni, while I attempted to ‘prettyize’ her show blackboard, since she didn’t have anything written on it, it being between seasons. I’m sorry hun, *told* you I couldn’t draw a stick to look like a stick…. Stayed for dindin, (thanks Aves Mom!) and Started to watch WS’s Romeo and Juliet…sorry hun. Really not my style…
Now, I’ve gotta go clean the kitchen for a party which I’m not even going to be here for tomorrow. Really wanting September to come soon, so I can get the Fuck OUT.