Decided to get a back cover for my “new” iPad – and it has the bonus of making it more distinctive between Eric’s and mine. Not sure I won’t still get a case from Malware like I had for the original iPad, I liked the stand functions of that one much better, but we’ll see.

If I don’t get the other case, I want to get a different coloured smart cover.The black is just boring.



Went back to work on Alicia’s “xmas” present – may not finish it until NEXT holiday at this rate, this is the most complicated pattern I’ve ever worked on – and possibly will ever work on at this rate.I normally take photos at every major “step,” but with the similar colours of many of these threads as well as the pattern itself, it’s been impossible. Started the other back leg tonight, but I’m going to finish the few ‘holes’ on the primarily done leg as soon as I push publish. Going to be fantastic once it’s done.